Changes are coming.

So It has been nearly a year since we have done anything Dubthugz related, so I think it is well about time to give you guys a well needed status update of what the hell is going on.

In that time we have decided to curtail and expand certain areas of our brand, we are expanding our site to include other sub domain sites falling under the Dubthugz banner. We already have a gaming site in our network so be sure to give it a look.

As for the radio, where do I start on that one. Because of the troubles with the American copyright board back in 2012, we had to stop expanding the radio because we cannot afford to get the proper licenses to play commercial music. That being said, we are very open for people to submit their music tracks in the understanding it is direct license and no money is involved with the station at all. If you wish to submit your music please get in touch and request our radio direct license agreement. Contact us here:

For the record label side of things, we are still selling all our previous releases for the foreseeable future, anything new will be going straight onto our youtube channel which will be being revamped and overhauled pretty soon. There will be some special cases when an actual release in stores will be happening, so be on the lookout. We are going to be scaling back our store releases in favour of how music is now consumed on the internet in this day and age. We are thinking and seriously considering of changing into a forward thinking bass music promotion channel/network.

We also have a new live audio reactive 3d visuals project in the works, as soon as we get some decent footage of it being showcased out live at an event it will be posted up here first.

Expect more news and cool stuff to be posted up on our blog soon.
We love you guys, keep it real!
KzA xxx


FrequencyFm Tuesday Night Drum & Bass with DR Mark

DR-MARK-frequencyfm-facebook-banner-2Frequencyfm Tuesday night sounds presents a new show Featuring Dr Mark reflecting music he loves over the past 25 years, A vinyl only show, each Tuesday night 10pm-12pm (UK GMT) Dr Mark will be looking back at the old skool rave and jungle scene followed by the freshest darkside/tech dnb cuts, finishing with his favourite dnb tracks from the vaults.

Listen in:
Get the app for your mobile device – just search for FREQUENCY FM on your app store!

FrequencyFm Facebook
FrequencyFm Twitter
Dr Mark Twitter

Listen again:


Team Krud Gaming
Check out the latest addition to the Dubthugz site network.
We signed up a bunch of folks who wanted to make their own “unique” brand of pc gaming video blog site which doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is some really funny content and some awesome gameplay videos to boot. Have a look and hit them up on their twitbook myface or whatever it is. Pc gaming master race ftw 😉

KzA xxx